Helga! Festival Award – Vote & Apply now!

It has a new look and a slightly new procedure but the Helga! Festival Award still honours the best national (and international) festivals of the year! It has been presented at Reeperbahn Festival since 2013 and will be awarded again 2019 in a total of 6 categories: 

  • Finest Booking
  • Best Reinvention
  • Most Inspiring Festival Idea
  • Best Inclusion
  • Best Bargain
  • Best Festival Of The Year

In addition to the public voting for the category Best Festival of the Year, which is open until 7 September 2019, for the first time there will be nationwide expert juries to decide on the winning festivals in each category. Festivals who want to participate in the run for the Helga! Festival Awards can and should proactively apply here and briefly explain why they should win.

The 7th Helga! Festival Award will take place on 19 September 2019 at the Imperial Theater in cooperation with HÖME and FestivalKombinat by LiveKomm. Traditionally the award show will be presented by Carsten Schumacher and Bernd Begemann.

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