Highlights on Friday

Here are our programme highlights for the festival Friday.  


For festival visitors:  


Opening TINCON, 9 am – Festival Village / Spiegelzelt 

TINCON. In Hamburg. Right Now. Vamos, hadi, allez, let's go. Welcome to the first big post-pandemic Conference for digital youth culture in Hamburg! 

Alyona Alyona | A Tale of Ukrainian Rap, 4:30 pm – Festival Village / Neo House  

From kindergarten teacher to icon: Alyona Alyona has managed to catapult herself into the hearts of rap fans and Ukrainians. At TINCON, the young artist talks about her career, her upbringing and her anti-war activism, as well as why she started rapping in Ukrainian. The interview will be conducted in English. 

Ladybitch, 7 pm – 3001 Kino 

Berlin actress Ela (24) lands the starring role in the new production by high-profile director Kramer. What is sold as a feminist perspective on a modern play quickly turns into Kramer’s perfidious projection. The stage directions become increasingly invasive, the tone harsher and the costumes more skimpy. When Kramer sexually harasses Ela at a party, she decides to act. Ladybitch is based on personal experiences of the directors Prados and Knüpling. 

Sharaktah, 9:25 pm – Uebel & Gefährlich 

It’s no secret that the rap business can be a merciless and, in some parts, a delusional commercial bubble dream. Such resolute and authentic defiance of contemporary trends as Sharaktah is displaying, however, just might be. The rapper from Ketelsbüttel, a small village in Schleswig-Holstein with a mere 180 inhabitants, carries a message that reminds of the original impetus of rap music: believing in yourself and your peers even under the most adverse of circumstances, following a dream, without being ignorant of socio-cultural realities. 

Blu DeTiger, 9:30 pm – Knust 

Blu DeTiger had played DJ sets for years all over Manhattan and had been on tour with the likes of Caroline Polachek and Fletcher. Blu DeTiger (yes, that is her real name) first started covering songs by Megan Thee Stallion, Prince, and Janet Jackson on TikTok during the covid lockdowns. It’s no surprise that the experienced musician still vows listeners with anything she touches, be it on her debut EP “How Did We Get Here?” (2021), or her cameos as a singer-songwriter, bassist, or producer. 


Programme Changes:

Unfortunately cancelled:
My Ugly Clementine, Cloudy June are taking their slot.
Coach Party
Priya Ragu, Petrol Girls will take their slot

For professional visitors:  


Dare More Solidarity: Alyona Alyona, 11 am – Schmidtchen 

Awarded the ANCHOR (2019) and the Music Moves Europe Award (2021), Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona is coming to the Reeperbahn Festival again. For more than half a year, however, Ukraine has been in a state of emergency. Russia's war of aggression against the neighbouring country has not only changed Alyona Alyona's life. Her everyday life is now determined more by aid missions than by career planning. For all those who want to find out what this means, it is recommended that you take a look at her interview with Steve Blame. 

Daniel Lanois Meets Fred Casimir, 12:15 pm – Schmidtchen 

In the interview with Fred Casimir (EVP Global Repertoire & Marketing / BMG), we want to learn more about Daniel Lanois’ current plans, what drives him to keep opening new doors in the universe of sounds, and how the conditions and budgets for music producers have changed over the decades. 

Music And Repression, 2:15 pm – Schmidtchen 

Pop culture thrives best in democratic societies but what happens when autocrats, dogma or other totalitarian rulers resist and defy freedom of expression or freedom of art?
What is taken for granted in Western-style democracies is by no means tolerated elsewhere, it is punishable with reprisals and is often completely suppressed. Russian artist and activist Maria Alyokhina, also known as Masha from the band Pussy Riot, knows from her own experience what it means to stand up to a regime artistically.  

Stranger Deals, 1:45 pm – Schmidt Theater 

In Stranger Things, the parallel universe plays a major role, continuously breeding mysterious monsters that ominously invade the world of humans.
As often happens, reality mirrors fiction at least in the world of the music business which, in recent times, has been embracing the invasion of ‘alien’ investors across almost every market segment to finance mergers and growth strategies in never-seen-before dimensions.  



The central location for business meetings and receptions is the Reeperbahn Festival Lounge in the ARCOTEL Onyx hotel. In addition, parties, get-togethers, dinners, and cocktail events hosted by our partners are held in a number of nearby Reeperbahn venues. From Wednesday to Friday we have many interesting networking opportunities from our partners in store for you!  

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