Planning a festival in the midst of a pandemic is undoubtedly a challenge like no other. Creating a safe yet enjoyable event is a demanding task for us. So why all the effort? Because it is not only about the Reeperbahn Festival itself - it is an existential question for artists, music businesses and venues. We want to find out whether and in what form cultural events can be planned and implemented in the coming months. Our visitors are able to actively decide whether they want to take this chance with us. Even more than in previous years, we are dependent on the willingness and cooperation of participants. One thing is certain: The festival experience will be very different from what we usually expect at Reeperbahn Festival. We would like to give an initial overview of what it actually means to plan a festival suitable for a pandemic:



In order to ensure the greatest possible safety for all visitors, we will likely have to comply with comprehensive hygiene and distance regulations. The extent of this can still change, depending on the course of the pandemic and the legal situation. A reduction of the extensive measures mentioned here is also possible. More information about the situation on site can be found here.

#1 Distance Regulations

Please keep your distance! The following currently applies: Standard minimum distance of 1.5 m between two persons from different households. Groups of up to four people from a maximum of two households are permitted to gather without the minimum distance. The distance regulations are determined by fixed points in the rooms (bar tables, markings on the floor, etc.) at each venue. These must be respected accordingly.

#2 Masks in Venues are Compulsory

Masks (mouth-and-nose protection) are compulsory on all paths within the venues that lead past other people, e.g. queues, toilets, counters, ticket desks, i.e. where the minimum distance cannot be maintained without restriction. At the predetermined fixed points in the venues, the wearing of masks can probably be dispensed with, similar to the current situation in restaurants. This is also the case outside the venues.

#3 Stage Situation

It will likely be necessary to maintain a distance of at least 2 m between stage and audience.

#4 Seating

It may be necessary to add seating to some normally unseated venues. Sitting is compulsory at seated venues, and the respective distance specifications must be observed.

#5 Controlled Entry + Visitor Routing

Entry to venues will proceed in queues with barriers. Distance regulations or alternatively the use of masks will apply. Wherever possible, one-way paths will be used. There will also be separate waiting areas in front of venues. Wherever possible, we are planning to provide visitors to the festival with individual routes in public spaces. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that there will be no contact with pedestrians on the street. The police will make sure that the regulations in effect in September are observed in all public areas.

Visitors who are heavily intoxicated or show obvious symptoms of illness will not be admitted. It will also probably not be possible to admit entrance to visitors after the beginning of a concert/programme item this year, for example when other visitors leave the venue.

#6 Ban on Bags + No Wardrobe

In order to avoid additional delays due to bag controls, there will likely be a strict ban on bags at the concert venues. The cloakrooms at the venues will also be closed. We are currently examining whether a central drop-off point for bags can be established.

#7 Cleaning the Venues

It is expected that all venues will be completely cleared between programme items in order to clean and ventilate them.

#8 Data Collection in Case of Infection

In order to be able to act quickly and effectively in the event of an infection, we will need to record which visitors are at which location at what time. We are currently working on a digital solution, which will also be in accordance with data protection law.



It is of upmost importance to us that all who visit Reeperbahn Festival 2020 do so with a sense of well-being. Therefore, all ticket holders are free to decide whether they wish to keep their ticket, transfer it to the next year or cancel it completely. The Reeperbahn Festival 2021 will take place between September 22 and 25. All ticket holders will be sent a link on 30 June 2020, with which they can make the appropriate selection. Further information can be found here.

In order to ensure that there is enough space for all visitors at the venues, we are stopping the sale of festival tickets until further notice. A small consolation for those who do not yet have a ticket, but would like to be there: We have set up a notification function in our ticket shop. As soon as contingents become available, we will inform you directly by e-mail. Conference tickets are still available here.



Together with the parcipitating international artists we have decided not to perform in the main hall of the Elbphilharmonie this year. For this reason all five concerts that were supposed to take place at the Elbphilharmonie this year cannot take place and are postponed to the Reeperbahn Festival 2021.

Ticket holders who have a reservation for one of the concerts will be given the opportunity to postpone their entire attendance at Reeperbahn Festival including the Elbphilharmonie reservation until 2021. If you would like to continue to be part of Reeperbahn Festival 2020, you will unfortunately have to do without the Elbphilharmonie experience, as a partial transfer to 2021 will not be possible. We will inform the affected ticket holders from 30 June 2020. More information can be found here.



This year we expect a reduced number of approx. 350 concerts, 30 programme items of Arts, Word and Film and 100 sessions. Networking and showcase events will also take place on a smaller scale. Our otherwise strongly internationally-oriented programme will also focus this year primarily on protagonists from the national and European region.

Tash Sultana's performance at Doors Open has unfortunately been postponed to 2021. The current and newly confirmed artists can be found here. Here is an overview of previous cancellations.

In our programme for professionals we will also be taking a close look at the question of how the pandemic is shaping current music culture and the music industry and what kind of artistic and economic approaches are possible.

Generally, the scope and orientation of the programme as well as the development of confirmations and cancellations may be quite dynamic over the next few weeks.


In times of Corona, many things that are valid today will lose their validity tomorrow. This means that we may have to make new adjustments again and again in the coming weeks. We have set up an FAQ here, which we will be updating regularly.

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