44 More Artists and Bands Confirmed!

The three Danes comprising WhoMadeWho have strikingly diverse musical backgrounds, and the band members’ varied influences can still be heard on their seventh studio album, “Through The Walls”. Combining synthesizer, bass, and guitar, they do pop with a generous dash of house for dancing and dreamy songs for snogging.

A beer in his left hand, a fag in his right – default setting for Shacke One. Not one to mince words, the Berlin-based rapper raps about everyone and everything he’s not okay with. He lays his lyrics over old-school rap beats – beats you can’t help but dance to.

Heisskalt deliver a post-hardcore-rock sound. Their German lyrics question the purpose of society – and are perfect for singing along with at the top of your lungs. Don’t be surprised if a mosh pit forms.

According to legend, Deutschrap superstar Marteria flew KID SIMIUS to Berlin so they could work together. Kid Simius is now an integral part of this team, while also managing to develop his own musical style as he’s always envisioned it. Impulsive bass lines and a dubstep energy set his sound apart – a multifaceted music he performs solo on stage.

If you’re looking to dance, then the Brazilian combo Liniker e os Caramelows is for you. But the typical traditional-music sound is not what they do. With its percussive elements, experimental vocals, and full-on guitar, their indie jazz is like no other.

As the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the band Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor is an established name in the British indie-electro scene. His great versatility was also on full display on his last solo album, which featured him, on his own, singing to piano accompaniment. Taylor’s new album, by contrast, takes a more danceable direction.

An auto repair shop can also be the source of great music, as Hamburg-based BRETT have demonstrated. They converted their old lifting platform into a small cultural centre, where they rehearse their own songs and provide space for other artists to work. A distinctive electric-guitar sound and a driving drumbeat provide the backdrop for the creative lyrics of this neo-krautrock band.


Also joining the line-up:

Lxandra | S.Carey | Der Täubling | DeWolff | Anna Burch | Das Paradies | Bon Voyage Organisation Tender Games | Rikas | Ilgen-Nur | Princess Chelsea | L'Impératrice | Freya Ridings | Neufundland | Karies | Tamino | Theo Lawrence & The Hearts | Stereo Honey | Pom Poko | Black Foxxes | Jamie Lenman | DECIBELLES | DREAM STATE | SIND | Estrons | Gewalt | Halo Maud | Hugar | Yukno | JAGUWAR | Queen Zee | Baby Galaxy | Swedish Death Candy | Lysistrata | Malena Zavala | The Ninth Wave | Zach SaidListen & be informed!

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