56 New Acts Confirmed!

Ok, take a deep breath. Even if the programme so far makes your heart beat faster, there will be a lot more this week:

The French producer and rapper GUTS understood very early how cross-cultural instrumental hip-hop can be; he is one of the top-notch artists in the Grande Nation. He merges music traditions from São Paulo to St. Petersburg, from L.A. to Lisbon into rhythmical pieces of art for head bangers; at the Reeperbahn Festival he will present them live. 
With her song “1950”, King Princess (photo) sang her way into the hearts of the YouTube community at the beginning of the year. His debut EP “Make My Bed”, featuring five elaborately produced songs, is the first and impressive statement of the 19-year-old New Yorker. The live experience of her intimate R'n'B hymns will guarantee lasting goose bumps.
Shotty Horroh doesn’t want to decide whether to make rough indie rock or eloquent rap. The British artist attracted attention in the past years above all by his socio-critical hip-hop. As one of the most productive rappers in the United Kingdom, Shotty now turns to a new sound, mixing indie rebellion with rap passion without sounding bland. It really suits him!
The same could also be said for JAZN and his laid-back style. In full-bodied productions, the rapper blows his voice through the auto-tune filter, flirts with summery synths, gathering an enormous crowd of followers around him. The marksmanship and flow of his melodic tracks will probably make him become really famous in St. Pauli. 
Pieter de Graaf shows a very different sense of melody. The exceptional talent of the neo-classic scene immerses in dreamlike compositions between euphoria and melancholy when playing his piano. At the festival, the perfectionist will present a mix of catchiness and complexity.

Also confirmed:
Novaa | Emily Burns | Nugat | WWWater | The Blue Stones | The Slow Readers Club | Viagra Boys | SASSY 009 | Kyan | Rina Mushonga | MarieMarie | Jaz Karis | Joel Culpepper | Be Charlotte | Harrison Storm | Geowulf | LARY | Lydmor | LIFE | Fatherson | Ripe & Ruin | Phyasco | Blinky Bill | Muthoni Drummer Queen | Kelvin Jones | LEA | Sero | Xavi | Kelvyn Colt | Makola | Dandelion Wine | Monako | L Twills | Infinit | Nuage & Das Bassorchester | Kinnie Starr | Jim KroftCats & Breakkies | Friedberg | Temperance | Salima Drider | Lafote | Lord Kesseli & the Drums | Joshua Hyslop | MIN t | Eveline | Yetundey | Schlaraffenlandung | Finna

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