The next wave of exciting artists is rolling into town with a roar. And surfing the crest are British jazz revolutionaries alongside French house DJs, modern post-punk defibrillators incarnate next to representatives of a new folk poetry inspiring hope for the future.

Leading the way are Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys, their chirpy Italo Schlager pop songs straddling dolce vita vibes and indie charm so brilliantly that this year’s album sprang from nowhere to top the German album charts.

Then right up next are: London fusion combo Kokoroko, whose style combines everything that’s not nailed down in the genre pigeonhole. From jazz to funk, highlife to Afrobeat, pop appeal to improv power, these guys and gals cover nearly all the bases.

The Canadians of Destroyer, on the other hand, have an endless desire to experiment, repeatedly succeeding over more than twenty years now in their own eclectic reinterpretation of the sometimes somewhat redundant “indie” vocabulary. They are here again giving a real international dimension to the Reeperbahn line-up.

For French 79, reinterpreting existing ideas has been their modus operandi ever since they started out, and is related to the interweaving of progressive house, electropop and synthwave. With this melange, the French artiste aims to emulate the top names in the club sector of his country, but to transcend them rather than imitate them.

Peter Sagar aka Homeshake, who started out in Mac DeMarco’s live band but quickly unpeeled himself from these beginnings, has set himself a similar goal. From his sensitive bedroom pop, the infinitely creative rascal teases out a whole host of ideas ranging from R&B to soul and pop to artsy psychedelic syntheses that delight and inspire.

No praise is spared for Chris Breheny alias Moncrieff either, when he gives free rein to his incredible voice on stage and marries the hopeful with the tragic, decline with new beginnings. Giant-size emotions are to be expected when the man from Waterford, Ireland, steps up to the mic.

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