Jury Announces The IMJA Winners

Following last year’s launch of Reeperbahn Festival’s International Music Journalism Award (IMJA) we are happy to present the winners of 2018 in the categories „Best Music Journalist Of The Year“, „The Year's Best Work Of Music Journalism“ and „New Perspective – The Year's Best Work Of Music Journalism, Under 30“!

We are happy to award outstanding journalists Mary Anne Hobbs, Klaus Walter and Belkacem Bahlouli for their „Best Works“ the jury (photo) voted for, including politically charged pieces about the German rap scene by Juri Sternburg and Viola Funk, Liz Pelly’s analysis of streaming music’s manipulation of our listening habits, or Estelle Caswell’s brilliant „Earworm“ videos about the stories behind some of your favourite songs and sounds. The list of all winners can be found here. Expect many debates about music journalism to be part of this year's conference, including three speakers of the category „Best Music Journalist Of The Year“ and other winners.

Together with Le Bureau Export we added two French language categories in 2018 and hope the IMJA will continue to grow in the coming years.

The winner of „Best Music Business Journalist Of The Year“ will be selected during Reeperbahn Festival 2018 by the delegates via online form. The winner will be announced on Saturday, 22 September.

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