Keychange 2.0.

Keychange welcomes singer Joy Denalane (photo) as new ambassadress for the German activities:

"For years we have been discussing the under-representation of women in popular culture behind closed doors. There are so many women who make great music or have a keen sense of business. It's only in their successes that it isn't reflected.
Men still dominate art and its market. The Keychange initiative offers a huge opportunity to correct this imbalance.
Thanks to their analytical and fact-oriented approach, Keychange has been able to build up a fantastic network throughout Europe. And for me, this is the foundation for raising awareness of this problem and initiating a public discourse on necessary changes.
Here we have the chance to be perceived and evaluated as artists, entrepreneurs or managers.
I am glad to be part of Keychange: Dear colleagues, let us show solidarity and send an impulse into the world together.
Let us dare to be brave!
Yours, Joy!

The Declaration of Intent, the so-called "Keychange-Pledge", initiated by Reeperbahn Festival, has been endorsed by more than 180 international festivals to date and thus declares its intention to present balanced gender relations in its line-ups and conference programmes by 2022. A decisive milestone followed in June: the extension of the Keychange programme to neighbouring music-related companies and organisations - agencies, labels, conservatories or orchestras - will be made a part of this important change.

The next step will be to build a network of female artists and innovators across all sectors of the music industry and across the territories of Great Britain, Europe and North America.

The Keychange 2.0 programme will be presented at Reeperbahn Festival. Further programme items on the topic of "Women Empowerment" - from films and discussion forums to panels - will follow shortly in the line-up.

Stay tuned!

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