Keychange 2.0

This year's Keychange 2.0 programme kicked off in Stockholm on the 14th-15th of February 2020 with the first of two network meetings. Launched at the Reeperbahn Festival in 2017, Keychange is a trend-setting international initiative for gender equality in music, financially supported by the EU Commission.

More than 70 young female artists from Europe and Canada, belonging to a gender minority, have been selected for Keychange to receive support and encouragement to realise their artistic and industrial ambitions. Christina Schäfers, Project Lead Keychange & Head of Arts, Word & Film Programme at Reeperbahn Festival was one of the initiators of the meeting in Stockholm:

„Keychange is an enormous network of extremely engaged people and organizations standing up for sustainable development and real change. We actually have the largest, most diverse and most international Keychange network, that ever existed and I had the honor to welcome more than 70 new and amazing women and gender minority artists and innovators from several different countries to the Keychange network. They all took their „job description“ as participants at the EU project serious and filled the idea behind Keychange with life and unbeatable energy. A highly appreciated, open and inspiring exchange in a very productive and constructive atmosphere made this meet-up enriching for everyone involved. Thanks to an amazing team and very supportive funders and sponsors without whom this wouldn’t be possible. Very much looking forward to welcome the full network at the next Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg!“

Throughout the year 2020, Keychange participants will be offered creative labs and workshops. Participation in training sessions, lectures and discussions towards the removal of barriers, the development of solutions and to greater accessibility are key to changing the music industry. Justice, unity and equality go hand in hand with Keychange's promise to work towards gender equality by encouraging festivals and music industry organisations and professionals to adopt the Keychange Manifesto.

More information about Keychange can be found here.

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