Lost in thought in 360°

Iceland is known for its volcanic fairytale landscapes, a complex language and above all for its many famous exceptional artists. Among them is certainly Ólafur Arnalds, whose melancholic and cool soundscapes, oscillating between ambient, modern orchestral works, post-rock and film soundtracks have made a significant contribution to the recent revival of classical music. Exclusively for the Reeperbahn Festival 2019, the Icelander has now teamed up with designer and art director Torsten Posselt to present "Ekki Hugsa 360°", for once not a concert but an audiovisual digital project.

Arnald's Stratus system, used for the first time in the album "re:member", forms the basis. It consists of two semi-generative pianos, controlled using a third, each producing their own sounds with every keystroke. At the upcoming world premiere these new soundstreams will be complemented with digital visualizations, transforming the Planetarium Hamburg into a place of surreal sensuality for four evenings in a row. Ólafur Arnalds and Torsten Posselt will be present every evening, give informative introductions and will be available for Q&As afterwards.

In order to be able to visit this event, you will need a Wristband for the Reeperbahn Festival valid for the selected day and a seat ticket for the Hamburg Planetarium. This can be collected by exchanging the ticket for a wristband at the Ticket Desk on the Heiligengeistfeld. (Subject to availability.)

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