Love of pop, deep relaxation and hip-hop for the Reeperbahn Festival 2016

Finally! Here they are, the first 43 artists and bands for the Reeperbahn Festival 2016.

The cover version of George Michael's "Careless Whisper" has already suggested that Get Well Soon alias Konstantin Gropper has discovered his love of pop music. His new album "Love" is inspired by pop of the 1970s and 1980s – wonderfully light-hearted chamber pop.
The debut album "Chambre 12" by Louane is riddled with floating songs and likeable guitar pop. The special something in the voice of this lady is the reason why her hit "Avenir" has already been played up and down the radio stations and ultimately won gold status.
When rappers like Samy Deluxe or Marteria contribute to a track, it is like an accolade. Chefket, hip-hop artist and soul singer from Berlin, was awarded this honour. An old-school rapper, but also a first-class freestyler.
This man is no stranger to the universe of electronic music: Gold Panda. He has already remixed acts such as The Field or Bloc Party. His latest album is the musical diary of a journey to Japan and full of multi-facetted sounds – from enraptured "Metal Bird" to shuffling sixties samples.
A particularly thrilling duo: Bonaparte AKA Tobias Jundt and the Spanish electronics musician Kid Simius AKA Jose Antoio Garcia Sole. As Mule & Man they combine cranky, energetic trash punk with a hypnotic touch between ambient and techno. This Swabian could not escape hip-hop. Maeckes career began with freestyle battles and now he is not just part of the Orsons but he set up a duo with Plan B and is on the road as a soloist. Intelligent rap lyrics with verbal wit and political stance. A must!

What is more - these acts have been confirmed. Listen to our Spotify-playlist!

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