Magical hours infront of the stage

46 new bands for the line-up.

Anyone who wants permanence in German language rap today needs to polarize. And nobody knows as good as Haiyti to make it well. Her songs are brutal and scrupulous like a masked raid and sometimes they get romantic like a candlelight dinner at the Italian on Reeperbahn. They always offer an unfiltered view of Haiyti's emotional world.
Profound lyrics, indie mixed with hip-hop – those are the characteristics of OK KID. The Band increasingly likes to include electronic elements and their name is obviously a homage to two Radiohead records. At the Reeperbahnfetival OK KID will take part with its soundsystem.
Június Meyvant isn't easy to put into conventional files. His bright voice and the style of his songs remind of Bon Iver. But there are also songs that sound as if Meyvant was a soul singer who had time-travelled from back of the early nineteenseventies to present day. In any case Meyvant is grooving a lot and his voice sports soul galore!
South African Alice Phoebe Lou loves best to sing on the streets. Guitar case opened, guitar put on and the music's on, too. This is what she has done for years, but she is indeed too good for hustling from mall to mall. Meanwhile she could fill up any club effortlessly. But she would keep her immediacy and her authenticity even at concerts on the bigger stages.
Andreas Spechtl has made himself a name as singer and head of the Austrian Band Ja, Panik. Critical, analytical lyrics, a serious determination for art and beautiful indie melodies. Ja, Panik have been the critics’ favourites for some time now and regularly come out on top of rankings. Spechtl also startet a solo project. Piano, everyday sounds can be found here but also a saxophone and the familiar Spechtl-lyrics. At Reeperbahn Festival he will be supported by special guest Saba Alizadeh.
It’s about time for Vance Joy to release a new album. Some foretaste is already available here, and it is, indeed well worth listening to: The Australian singer with this unique voice has just released the song “Lay It On Me” (Warner Music), which is pushed by quite a powerful rhythm.
On his debut Federico Albanese brings together his own subtle piano work with warm string arrangements, furnishing the compositions with electronic splashes. His new master piece "The Blue Hours“ is an album between classic and ambient that features minimalistic piano playing and dynamic synthesizer arpeggios layered onto an atmospheric miracle. Music for magical hours and also those in front of the stage.

Here you can find all so far confirmed acts. Listen to our Deezer-Playlist here.

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