Martin Kohlstedt "Currents"

360° presentations at planetariums allow spectators to immerse themselves in the universe and the blurring of time and space – an experience that’s likely to be familiar to many. That the 360° format is also extremely well-suited for the presentation of film, art, and music is something new. The Reeperbahn Festival Dome, measuring 20 metres in diameter, will be a striking structure, visible from afar, and constitutes a spectacular new addition to the 2017 programme.
To start, the dome tent will be the site of a daily performance of “Currents – A Play of Dome Projection and Concert”, an audio-visual programme specially created for Reeperbahn Festival by pianist, electronic artist, producer, and neoclassical pioneer Martin Kohlstedt and featuring his compositions. The multimedia collective Bloodbrothers and Elektropastete, experts in music visualisation, will provide a visual translation of Kohlstedt’s works. In an experiment designed as a concert, they will create 360° worlds of forms that will be projected on the dome, generating a completely new concert and music experience.
Moreover, the fulldome curtain will rise for another Reeperbahn Festival world premiere: “ego | blurred” – the first fulldome music video by KIASMOS, the Icelandic minimal techno duo composed of artists Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen, will have its unveiling. Based on KIASMOS’s new EP, to be released by Erased Tapes in September, fulldome artist and director Ralph Heinsohn has created a visual journey through time and space. The video will have its first-ever showing in the Reeperbahn Festival Dome.
Also inside the Reeperbahn Festival Dome: “The Art of 360°, a Reeperbahn Festival programme in partnership with the Fulldome Festival Foundation in Jena, Germany, that features daily screenings of the best fulldome short films from around the world in the genres of fiction, art, and music: Funky stories, brilliant visualisations, amazing tracking shots – an experience of rotating worlds and dissolving spaces.


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