Metal symbioses and surfer boys!

We’re welcoming aboard 18 new artists, including Dan Mangan, Romano, Grave Pleasures, Great Lake Swimmers, Kim Churchill, and Oscar Key Sung!

Complex compositions, dark and loud, brimming with energy. That’s the sound of “Club Meds”, Dan Mangan’s new album, recorded with his band Blacksmith. A big welcome to the Vancouverite, an indie star in Canada’s music scene.

“I love hip hop and metal equally”, declares Romano, and with the video for his song “Metalkutte” (Metal Cut-off) he’s causing a bit of a stir in both the metal and hip-hop scenes. No guitars here – the Berlin rapper arranges his songs with hard electro beats.

Grave Pleasures, formerly known as Beastmilk, combine metal and punk. On their upcoming album, due out this autumn, the Finnish post-punkers have this to stay: “expect a recording … that could ignite any dank bunker or collapse a stadium”. Pretty menacing stuff.

With its name, Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers pays tribute to the marathon swimmers who have swum the Great Lakes of Ontario, Huron, and Erie. Really beautiful folk rock with a 60s influence coupled with lyrics that keep the imagination racing.

Australian singer and guitarist Kim Churchill is also keen on water sports – many of his songs tell of riding the waves on a surfboard. He has opened for Billy Bragg, gigs that have helped the folk singer gain a solid following.

A listen to the tracks of Oscar Key Sung and the world turns upside down. How often does Australian dance music meet R & B, arcade sounds, and house? Not very. Extraordinary electronic sparks ignite the fire in Oscar’s velvety voice, which carries the full emotionalism of R & B.

But there’s more . . . a big HELLO to:
Palace, A.O.S.O.O.N, L'aupaire, Vita Bergen, Fatherson, Seafret, Lapko, Lusts, Menace Beach, Nisse, Ωlympique, Dralms.

Have a listen & be in the know!


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