More acts = more happy anticipation!

Melancholy, rock and pure joy of life – the next 32 acts for the Reeperbahn Festival 2016 have been confirmed!

Wild Beasts have been the critics' favourites right from the start. The band gathered around the singer Hayden Thorpe began spreading pure magic after only a few bars and during their live performances soundscapes made up of pathos and finest Indie rock are taking over.
A poet following the steps of Rio Reiser who knows how to combine in her songs her emotional with her political stance, that's Dota. Together with her band she manages to transform melancholy, pulsating groove and jazzy flair into music.
Okta Logue have assumed the heritage of great rock epics from the 70s. Their most recent work "Diamonds And Despair" combines psychedelic rock and Indie sounds to make every rocker's heart beat faster!
For his current EP "Vængjatak" ("Wing Beat") Helgi Jonsson puts the trombone into the corner and turns to the piano. His songs, reflecting the romanticism and peace of his home country Island, are backed up at this year's Reeperbahn Festival by his wife Tina Dico and the musician Marianne Lewandowski.
The new album "Empire Builder" by singer Laura Gibson captivates the audience with versatile musical arrangements and boisterous guitar sounds. Her music features enchanting folk and country elements, while she packs her private story into creativity and emotional songs.

Here you will find all previous confirmations . And here you'll get to the Spotify playlist.

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