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In 2019, the film medium will become more important than ever in the Reeperbahn Festival programme. Films, series and online series will be screened on all days of the festival, including several premieres.

The biopic documentary "Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl" shows Nash's struggle against an industry that she first celebrated and then abandoned, but from which she ultimately successfully emancipated herself. The activist, musician and ANCHOR jury-member will present the film in person and host a Q&A session.

With "Creating Woodstock" we celebrate a European premiere of probably the most elaborate documentary on the peak experience of an entire generation that has shaped the world to this day: a stirring historical document including previously unreleased original recordings.

Furthermore new episodes of the format "LeFloid VS The World" will be shown. In it, Youtube star LeFloid illuminates the various facets of social phenomena such as work and money in talks with Roland Emmerich, Christine Lagarde and others.

The Webfest Berlin is the first German festival for short-format digital series to present a selection of international productions-by women about women. Under the title "Women Of The Web," a selection of documentaries will be screened, such as "Çohu" from Switzerland and "Trafic" from Canada, as well as the fictional series "Polichinelles" (France), "Gorda" (Argentina) and "The Mother Load" (Australia).

For music historians we also immerse ourselves in the untold stories of great artists with the documentaries "David Crosby: Remember My Name" featuring David Crosby (The Byrds, Crosby, Stills & Nash), "Rude Boy: The Story Of Trojan Records" featuring the legendary reggae pioneers at Trojan Records or "RocKabul" featuring the wacky story of the Afghan heavy metal band District Unknown.

More films in the programme:
Sankt Paulis Starke Frauen - Reeperbahner*innen| Free Meek | Diary Of An Uber Driver (European Premiere) | French Waves (German Premiere) | State Of The Union (German Premiere) | Onejiru Is Too Colored | Urban Myths (German Premiere) | Underground Inc: The Rise & Fall Of Alternative Rock (World Premiere) | Sing To Me (European Premiere) | Le Choc Du Futur (German Premiere)

All performances will take place in the Cinema des Arts Playground in the Festival Village or in the east Private Cinema.

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