Music with magic and guts - 50 new confirmations

In terms of music, the year 2019 has so far shown itself from its sweetest side, offering innovation and revivals, breath-taking newcomers and almost forgotten pioneers who want to let it rock one more time. This trend is naturally reflected in the current additions confirmed for our line-up.

For one thing, there is Ásgeir, who is coming to Hamburg with new stuff, high time considering that "Afterglow" was published two years ago, and the Islander is not known for long creative breaks. And there is Sebadoh, whose new release "Act Surprised" is something like a small comeback after a six-year drought. A lot has happened since 2013 and the band has obviously developed a younger sound.

Even in Stars, the rejuvenation trend can be noticed, as the Montreal-based band has increasingly turned towards opulently produced, hymn-like synth pop in recent years. 

The Trio YAK from London live up to the revival of garage rock, the more so as they don't just rely on groovy hooks as they did back in 2003, but now incorporate guitars, vocals, synths, simply everything into psychedelically glossed-over effects. Moreover, James TW, blessed with the most beautiful male clean vocals this side of the Atlantic, has also been confirmed as has the Dutch electro pop euphoria by bülow ready to be ignited on stage. What more could we ask for?

Exactly: Domestic hip-hop to be taken seriously in what the message wants to convey. Ergo: Argonautiks. Last year, the duo from Teltow published "Gaffa", the successor of its stories "Aus dem Leben" – true to life, showing how confidently they devour the lion's share of the German rap scene for breakfast.

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