Of craters, prairie and impenetrability

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In September, after travelling through the Saxon province, ecstatic dancers can also plunge right into Japan's impenetrable mountain world.

Someplace between sandy prairies and the green hills of his Irish home the singer-songwriter Conor J. O’Brien set up his Villagers project in 2008. Since then the folk band of up to seven members gathered around their mastermind have captivated the audience with top-class publications rife with emotional pop gems, inspired by the reduced lo-fi of the early Bright Eyes, the epochal sounds of Arcade Fire or the Irish folk music of their home country's history-laden pubs.
Maxim (photo) also tells stories. Pointed, well-versed and packed with dark metaphors he talks of transience and failed love affairs. This is gaining the Cologne-based songwriter with the velvety rough voice so much success that his album "Staub" -Dust - not only landed him in the Top 10 of the German album charts but also won him a Golden Record award with the song "Meine Soldaten" - My Soldiers.
It is certain that being praised by renowned fellow musicians is almost more valuable than any award. When Foals, The XX and the notoriously grumpy Noel Gallagher express their approval, you can confidently talk about "The Next Big Thing". This is what happened to the Australian trio Jagwar Ma. The ingenious mix of Synthie, Rock and Rave hit England like a bombshell and will definitely leave deep impressions in the hearts of this year's Reeperbahn Festival audience.
In the world of Hip-Hop, feelings are a tricky issue. However, in his new publication the German rapper Trettmann managed to combine emotions, persiflage and provocation impressively. Starting his career as a dancehall and reggae artist his new EP is an ironic journey through his homeland of Saxony, characterised by deep dub and voice vocoders.
For Masayoshi Fujita, who meanwhile lives in Berlin, his home country Japan must seem remote and impenetrable. Silent forests and the impermeable mists of the mountain world of his home inspire the artist to compose unique soundscapes created on his vibraphone which he extents with pearls, foil or other objects as needed.

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