NEW DIGITAL FOCUS SESSION: "What the NFT?! Will Cyberpunks revolutionize the music industry?“

Following the good news on the Reeperbahn Festival Conference to take place this year live and digital, Reeperbahn Festival happily announces that also the Focus Sessions – hosted on the digital conference platform – will continue!  The next Focus Session on 12th of August, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm CET, will discuss the topic: “What the NFT?! Will Cyberpunks revolutionize the music industry?“ The Session will focus on what NFTs are, why a bunch of musicians are suddenly interested in a thing one might never have heard of and what they could do for the music industry, artists and fans. How can NFTs be used in the creative industries, what challenges brings the new technology and why, despite the modernity of the topic, diversity is not yet a matter of course here either.

To participate in the Focus Session on 12th of August, just log in to our platform with your valid account or click here for ticket info.

Programme & Speakers:  

Host: Albert Peci (Blockchain Solution Architect | Developer and Poet)  

5-5:35pm What the NFT? Will Cyberpunks revolutionize the music industry? 
About Cyberpunks: code disrupting the world - A short history of the new world. 
Keynote with Albert Peci (Blockchain Solution Architect | Developer and Poet) 

5:35- 5.55pm NFTs & Creatives in the Music Industry 
All You Need to Know about the creatives but “non-musicians” in the music industry. Tokenized communities will redistribute the income flow between artists, contributors, and communities. 
Speaker: Ralph Larmann (Performance Photographer) 

5:55-6:15pm Will NFTs Disrupt The Art Market? 
Independent platforms will allow for new types of music to be created. Artists will communicate directly with their fansno need for third parties?! 
Speaker: Irina Karagyaur (Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network) 

6:15-6:50 pm Music Streamer for a Crypto World 
The Next evolutional step for the Generation of Music Streamers – in a Crypto World. Meet the makers. 
Speaker: Bjorn Niclas (CEO & Co-Founder,

6:50-7:20pm Future of Rights Management - Curse or Blessing?
Everything you Need to Know About NFT for Digital Rights Management – Artists with no third parties?!
Speaker: Loren McShane (Head of Legal & Business Affairs, Sentric Music) 

Dr. Anika Patz (Senior Associate, Sutherland) 

7:20-8:00pm Wake up call for the Creative Industry  
What does NFTs mean for the Creative Industries? A panel with all the big players in the NFT industry. 
Speaker: all speakers 

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