New in the Music Programme with Rudimental

With a number one album in the UK charts, two equally successful hit singles and are attracting a lot of attention from Germany to Australia and New Zeeland is the quintett Rudimental (photo) from Hackney, London, a sensation at the Reeperbahn Festival. For the first time since leaving Jupiter Jones, Nicholas Müller is back live: von Brücken is the name of his new project with Tobi Schmitz, the Studio and tour keyboarder from Jupiter Jones. The first published song „Lady Angst“, a great example of German songwriter rock, already shows who has won the fight in the end: the courage. The courage of Nicholas Müller. Norway fell in love at first sight with the urban, melancholy sound of Emilie Nicolas, who clashes house, electro und dubstep against R'n'B and Jazz. The first foretaste album „Deadwater“ by WET sounds like synthie and dream-pop: Cool and lulling, endearing and warm. It can be said that Rone stands as an example of electronic world music: In his tacks, beats vermengen sich Beats, squeaking from the 80s computer games and pan pipes mix together in an amazingly melodic way. Their music is loud, the guitar solos from Nicklas Kirchert are as sharp as razor blades. There’s no doubt, Förtress will make their fans bang their heads together with their gig.

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