Music with mind and heart - 36 new confirmations

The new additions to our line-up are breathtaking, just like the subtropical weather at present – they lack neither musical power nor loudness.

These additions include the Leoniden whose dopamine-drenched indie rock is a guarantee for happiness and euphoria at least since last year’s album “Again” and their “Kids Will Unite” tour, no matter which stage the band takes over. Elderbrook’s virtuously flowing tech house is a similar invitation to dance and has established the London-based artist on all streaming portals on the net in recent years.

But there will also be something to relax. The Viennese rapper Ebow not only brilliantly manages the balancing act between orient and occident but also between hip-hop, R’n’B and pulsating electronics of the tropical range. By contrast, SYML’s smooth guitar pop is more like bittersweet autumn melancholy while Gurr’s garage sound is dreamy and cheeky at the same time. Not possible? It is!

This is something that Fortuna Ehrenfeld is equally good at but the indie band from Cologne shifts a few gears up, presenting their bouncing e-pop tango, offering a message instead of airs and graces. Justin Jesso has a different approach – the singer from Chicago has already caused millions of people to get misty-eyed with his Kygo feature “Stargazing” and his own singles “Getting Closer” and “My Body”, and he will probably have the same effect here in September.

Anyway, hankies are a must if you see thistour line-up: 

Gently Tender | Bayonne | Provinz | YĪN YĪN | DOBBY | Sea Girls | The Night Café | Oehl | LES BIG BYRD | Catnapp | Inhaler | FVLCRVM | John Van Deusen | Darjeeling | Moglii | Suzan Köcher | Sparkling | Anger | AYU | Andrea Poggio | Ian Late | Roast Apple | Gerard | OTEO | Atzur | Julielle | I´m not a Blonde | MIBLU | Be Forest.

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