New speakers and programme for the Reeperbahn Festival Conference

How can YouTube become the leading generator of revenue for the music industry?
We’re thrilled that Lyor Cohen will use the Reeperbahn Festival Conference in September, to give the industry further insights into his plans.

We are also looking forward to welcoming many other interesting speakers to the Reeperbahn Festival Conference programme:

Felix Klieser (Artist, GER), Chi-chi Nwanoku (Artist, GBR), Steven Walter (Artistic and managing director, Beethoven Fest Bonn, GER), Viktor Orri Árnason (Artist, IS), Hania Rani (Artist, PL), Justus Wille (Founder, fast forwartd classical, GER), Feline Moje (Director Recorded Music GSA, BMG, GER), Ilan Eshkeri (Film composer, Perfect Planet, Still Alice, Stardust, GBR) und Rebekka Karijord (Composer, I am Greta, SE). 

More information about the speakers and the session programme can be found here. 

Lyor Cohen 

Lyor Cohen is the Global Head of Music at YouTube and Google, and as such one of the most influential leaders in the world of music. He will explain to us how YouTube can and will be the best (new) friend for labels, artists, songwriters and authors.

Modern Classic 

How the genre of Modern Classic is facing the challenges of diversity and innovation, and how the award Opus Klassik is planning its relaunch, is answered by our speakers in this thematic focus on Modern Classic.

Following the "Modern-Classical" panels, the OPUS invites you to the Classical Reception at the East Hotel. In the evening, innovative OPUS KLASSIK award winners will perform at Bahnhof Pauli, where they will be awarded the coveted Classical Trophy. 

The "No Angels" Content Alliance 

With the anniversary album of the No Angels, BMG succeeded in creating the most successful German reunion of the year. Feline Moje, Director Recorded Music GSA, explains to us how the team at BMG managed to place these treasures of their catalogue back into the hearts of the community. 

Compositions with something to say 

Award-winning composers Ilan Eshkeri (Perfect Planet, Still Alice, Stardust) and Rebecca Karijord (I am Greta) talk about their passion for creating music that matters and about Ilan's work on the concert event Space Station Earth together with the European Space Agency. 

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