On Tour: Ewert and The Two Dragons & Kate Tempest

When it's windy and rainy outside we like to hit the clubs for some good concerts - and leave the fickle spring weather at the door. April is your chance to discover Kate Tempest and Ewert and the Two Dragons!

For the production of their new album “Circles” Ewert and The Two Dragons (winners of a European Border Breakers Award in 2013) left the small Estonian town – where they’d been working on songs with less than fancy equipment – and headed to Bear Creek Studio in the USA. “Circles” deals with themes such as growing up, returning to places and people known, love, life, and death. For all the new directions, the Estonians have remained largely loyal to their indie-folk sound!

19.04.2015 Munich/Ampere
20.04.2015 Frankfurt/Das Bett
21.04.2015 Hamburg/Mojo Club
22.04.2015 Berlin/Lido
23.04.2015 Cologne/Gebaude 

Raised as one of five children in what she herself describes as a “shitty part of town”, the Londoner Kate Tempest was keen on rap, hip hop, and especially the spoken word from the age of 16, earning her way – after leaving school and living in squats – by working in record shops and as a battle rapper at open mic nights and poetry slams. At age 29, she’s now a university educated, highly gifted poet as well as a renowned playwright in her native England. Rhythm and tonation being crucial to her work, music couldn’t be too far off: Her debut in 2011 with the band Sound of Rum was followed last year by the release of her album “Everybody Down”. She has since sold out concerts on her November 2014 tour, made acclaimed festival appearances, and won the Soundcheck Award.

20.04. Cologne/Gebäude 9
21.04. Berlin/Berghain

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