On Tour: Jesper Munk & Talisco

Two young men: Jesper Munk has blues in his blood; Talisco carries a desire to “take off” with him.

Since this 22 years old Wunderkind Jesper Munk from Germany and Denmark played 5 (!) shows during Reeperbahn Festival 2014, we've been waiting for the new album of Jesper Munk! Now he and his archaic blues are going to tour across Germany in April:

Selection of dates (all):

10.04.2015 Berlin/Postbahnhof
11.04.2015 Hamburg/Knust
15.04.2015 Bremen/Tower
16.04.2015 Hannover/Lux
19.04.2015 Köln/Stadtgarten
23.04.2015 Stuttgart/Cann
29.04.2015 München/Muffathalle




Growing up in Bordeaux Talisco played records by Beck and the Beastie Boys until their music became part of his DNA. “I’ve been working on music and been into guitar for as long as I can remember”, says the Frenchman. A desire to “take off” is something he has also always carried with him; he’s lived in Montreal and Spain and now calls Paris home. “Run”, his debut album, came out last autumn and tells the story of an escape, a way out, the necessary break from routine. It combines hypnotic electro anthems with the breadth and range of Americana to create a music of vast expanses.

21.03.2015 München/Ampere
23.03.2015 Berlin/Lido
24.03.2015 Köln/Stadtgarten
25.03.2015 Hamburg/Uebel und Gefährlich

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