On Tour: Kelvyn Colt and Freya Ridings

There aren’t a lot of German rappers who can emulate their American heroes without sounding like knock-offs. Most fail to get the language right, others are undone by the beat or the lack of authentic content. Not Kelvyn Colt. Raised in Wiesbaden, the breakout Spotify star writes and raps in flawless English; with his dark timbre he’s managed to carve out his own niche on the international trap scene; and with songs like “Bury Me Alive” he’s on all the streaming platforms and reaching millions of listeners. His debut EP came out at the end of last year, and an album and a tour across Germany are up next. We’re super-excited to hear what the globetrotting rapper has to say live! Be sure to visit Facebook where we’ll be giving away 1x2 guest list spots for one of his concerts.


Striking a very different note is British singer-songwriter Freya Ridings, whose half-whispery vocals have made for many a misty eye, especially since the release in 2017 of her stirring ballad of loss, “Lost Without You”. And we speak from first-hand experience: her profoundly moving performance in St Michael’s Church at the 2018 Reeperbahn Festival was truly spellbinding. She’s now returning to Germany to spread her magic at a few selected venues – and because everyone knows how fantastic she is live, tickets will likely sell out fast. Stay tuned!


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