Our highlights on wednesday!

Let's go: The 12th edition of Reeperbahn Festival starts today. We got some daily inspirations for those who don't really know how to get started yet.

For festival guests:

Turtle Bay Country Club presents Cook’n’Dub, 10.00 pm, Schmidtchen

  •  Matthias Arfmann creates a star-studded meal that’s guaranteed to be an auditory, gustatory, and olfactory delight.

Black Sabbath – The End Of The End, 10.30 pm, Studio Kino

  • Music documentary about the band around Ozzy Osbourne.

Dispatch, 09.20 pm, Docks

  • A folk band diverse like a grab bag.

Client Liaison, 09.30 pm, Moondoo

  • Funky electro pop from Australia.

EMA, 11.00 pm, Moondoo

  • A powerful, political voice dressed in indie music.

KAT FRANKIE, 09.45 pm, Mojo

  • Thoroughly gripping songs with passion and empathy.

Leoniden, 11.30 pm, Mojo

  • Beautiful indie-pop cocktail that invites you to dance

Für Konferenzgäste:

Creative Technology & Live Communication, 02.15 pm, Festival Village/Dome

  • Session with Dave Stewart, Martyn Ware, Yusuke Kuribayashi and others.

Startups@Reeperbahn, 06.00 pm, Grünspan

  • Competition with Gina Deeble, Fridjof Detzner, Mirko Whitfield and others.

Hidden Talents Vol. 3 presented by DMV, 07.30 pm, Sommersalon

  • The DMV presents Artists looking for business partners like bookers, managers etc.

Slave To The Algorithm?, 04.00 pm, Schmidtchen

  • In this presentation Mark Mulligan will present exclusive MIDiA data illustrating exactly where both the global and German streaming music markets are at.

Austrian Heartbeats at RBF17, 08.00 pm, Indra

  • Showcase presenting a wide range of up-and-coming talent from Austria.

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