Our highlights on Saturday

Wow! The anniversary festival is almost over and we've had a phenomenal time. To make the finale really great and so that we can end the festival deliriously happy here our ideas for you.

Today's conference workshops dealing with the music business are open to festival guests. Conference accreditation is not necessary.

Music Publishing - an Introduction, 1:15 p.m., Suite 616 (Arcotel Onyx)

  • This workshop provides an overview of the tasks of a music publisher and addresses relevant issues.

Hitmen - Komp - Prod - Mix, 3:00 p.m., Suite 616 (Arcotel Onyx)

  • To exemplify a hit single production we will have a look at several steps, starting with songwriting and production, followed by mix and final mastering. 

A Guide to Social Media Success for Musicians, 3:30 p.m., Board Room (Arcotel Onyx Lobby)

  • Tips on how to create an appealing and outstanding profile on different key platforms for musicians.

For festival guests:

Timo Schierhorn: An Abstract of his Work, 7:00 p.m., east Cinema

  • What’s the creative process behind a music video like?

Rag'n'Bone Man, 8:00 p.m., Mojo Club

  • A rough bastard from hip hop and blues, which should not only appeal to Everlast.

Torres, 10:40 p.m., Knust

  • Her songs sound rough and she takes her listeners’ breath away. 

Metz, 10:45 p.m., Uebel & Gefährlich

  • The trio from Toronto doesn’t show consideration for its audiences’ eardrums

Sonic Robots: Glitch Robot, 11:00 p.m., Jazz Café

  • A new perspective on the interface of human and machine

Zentralheizung of Death des Todes, 11:30 p.m., Terrace Hill

  • They like it loud, they love guitars, electric feedbacks and noise.

Rone, 11:30 p.m., Moondoo

  • One could say that Rone exemplifies a kind of electro world-music.

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