Our highlights on Saturday!

For festival guests

Destination Art: Gallery-Hopping in Neustadt, 11.30 a.m. & 2.00 p.m.,  Info Desk

  • Starting as interested passer-by, turning into a connaisseur of the art scene in Hamburg.

Vaults, 07.30 p.m., Uebel & Gefährlich

  • Electro pop with meaningful lyrics. .

L.A. Salami, 08.00 p.m., Terrace Hill

  • A combination of soul, hip hop and powerful words.

phlake, 09.20 p.m., Terrace Hill

  • Seductive, soulful pop from Denmark.

Ephemerals, 09.30 p.m., Mojo Club

  • Raspy soul voice, retro sound and current groove.

Wintersleep, 10.20 p.m., Knust

    Indie with a touch of melancholy and a breath of heartwarming canadian folk.


Für Konferenzgäste

Musik management – An introduction*, 12.30 p.m., Networking Area (Wiener Bistro)

  • The history of music managment and todays challenges. 

Streaming Royal*, 01.30 p.m., Suite 716 (Arcotel Onyx)

  • Using streaming services the right way, for musicians and music labels.

How To Land A Sync Deal in 9 Steps*, 03.00 p.m., Suite 716 (Arcotel Onyx)

  • Getting your samples to the top of the pile of tunes that music supervisors trawl through on a daily basis.

*Workshops are open to festival and conference wristband holders.

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