Our program tips for the Festival Friday:

For Festival Visitors:  

Goldroger, 9:00 pm – Draussen im Grünen 

►  German Rap is not dead – anyone who claims that it might be simply has no clue where the gold is buried. Because beyond the big city rap with its never-changing tropes, guys like Goldroger have been showing us for quite a while what is actually possible if you dare to venture out of the comfort zone, the trends, the expectations. 

Weval II, 9:30 pm – ARTE Concert Stage 

► A Friday afternoon in mid-July. After work, you pack your bag and leave to meet your friends for a dip in the lake. The car radio is playing Weval, and after only a few minutes, your trip turns into a euphoric summer dream you never want to wake from. A warm shimmering rises up your neck and face, ambient and downtempo as well as microhouse and pop blending together in soft, verdant hues. 

The Sparks Brothers, 7 pm – Zeise Kinos

► Sparks have been around since the time of the Beatles – however, the L.A. based project under the aegis of Ron and Russell Mael has never really received their due applauds. In well over half a century, they have lit up all facets of international music genres, including art, chamber pop, prog, electro, glam – you name it.

For Conference Visitors:   

IMJA – International Music Journalism Award; 6:15 pm – East Hotel (Foyer 1st Floor

  We honour the winners of the International Music Journalism Award 2021 at a nice get-together with free drinks. 

The Orchard @Reeperbahn Festival 2021: 10:00 am – Mojo Jazz Café  

►  Social distance makes the heart grow fonder: The Orchard welcomes you back to our favorite hang at Reeperbahn festival. 


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