Our tips for the festival Thursday

Are you ready? Here come our program suggestions for the festival Thursday!

For Festival Visitors:

Anna Leone, 8 pm – St. Michaelis Kirche  

►  The singer-songwriter with the incredibly warm timbre was inspired by old legends like Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, but also by Bon Iver or Laura Marling. She translates melancholy and feelings of forlornness into harmonies of piano and guitar, of soul, folk and ambient pop of the most intimate variety. 

Lambert, 10:15 pm – St. Michaelis Kirche

► Why do we assume that the end of the world would hit us in a loud and dramatic way? Maybe it’ll come quietly, gentle like a kiss in the morning - maybe we’re already in the midst of it. Paul Lambert uses a nowadays seldom seen gift of restraint to create musical interpretations of a demise which possesses something almost liberating about it – solely through piano and some subtle and isolated arrangements of strings and winds. 

Leslie Clio, 9:15 pm – Draussen im Grünen 

► Leslie Clio has been doing her thing unwaveringly for years and has apparently been onto something from the start. Extremely versatile song writing, an equally bold and appropriate instrumentation coupled with Clio's expressive organ are what have always made her music an experience leaving deep marks in hearts and souls worldwide. 


For conference visitors:  

PopNRW goes Reeperbahn Festival, 6 pm – Häkken 

And again in 2021 we will showcase NRW's most promising acts at Reeperbahn Festival! Live at the cult club Häkken we present up-and-coming bands from North Rhine-Westphalia. Come and join us for a cold drink on the balcony. 


7:00 PM / IUMA
8:40 PM / FLØRE
10:35 PM / Boddy 


Helga Festival Award, 5 pm– Imperial Theater 

► The independent Helga! Festival Award was launched in 2013 and honors the best German Festivals in annually changing categories.  

The Orchard@Reeperbahn Festival, 10 am – Mojo Jazz Café  

► Social distance makes the heart grow fonder: The Orchard welcomes you back to our favorite hang at Reeperbahn festival. Be sure to join the party and meet our team of experts all day Thursday and Friday during RBF 2021.  

French Artist Pitch Breakfast, 10 am – Reep (former Dips ‘n Stix) 

► Representatives of the 14 French-produced artists playing at the festival, will give presentations of their artists to key international delegates, over a great breakfast, coffee and juices. This event is by invitation only, and is organised by CNM Your French Music Partner. 


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