Our tips for the festival wednesday

For festival visitors:

ÄTNA (Electronic Live Set): 10:15 pm – Uebel & Gefährlich 

Their style indefinable, their stage presence overpowering, their creativity boundless: Ätna have achieved what many consider impossible in current times. From the underground to one of the most sought-after live acts, while simultaneously being one of the most innovative electronic music projects of our time. The duo’s path has been as steep as it has been hard. And yet, ever since their bombastic debut "Made by Desire" (2020), Inéz Schaefer and Demian Kappenstein have known only one direction: upwards. 

Luna: 20:35 Uhr – Uebel & Gefährlich 

A new generation needs new heroes. New paths must be taken, new styles established. Luna effortlessly ticks off all the items on the list for contemporary newcomers with hype potential and, at the age of 18, pulls off a sound that gets to the heart of things right away. In songs like "Loser" or "Blue", she combines powerful vocals with magnificent piano melodies, powerful hip-hop production and carefully integrated effects.   

Priya Basil | Im Wir und Jetzt – Feministin werden: 18:20 Uhr – Resonanzraum

Putting on someone else's shoes. Generally speaking, this means to see things through the eyes of that person. In "Im Wir und Jetzt: Feministin werden" (In the We and Now: Becoming a Feminist), the author Priya Basil shows that instead of her shoes, it could also be your mother's scarf. In her autobiographical story, Basil combines the views of three generations of women with feminist self-questioning, which does not stop at a critical analysis of feminism as a fad.  

Music Makers Playground 

A place where instrument manufacturers, music brands, musicians and Reeperbahn Festival visitors can meet and network: Between Backstage and Festival Village, the Music Makers Playground is the place to be for experts from the instrument industry to meet with (new) customers, present their new business ideas and make new business contacts. Discover a wide range of instruments, whether for professionals or bloody beginners - from top-class keys from our partners Casio, Boston Pianos and Kawai, to vintage guitars – and you don't even need a festival ticket.

Wednesday 22.September 2021 

4 pm – 5 pm: Eisen, Stahl und Iridium 

6 pm – 6 pm: Blues, Blugi und BluGuitar 

8 pm – 10pm: The Academy of Tone 


For conference visitors: 


On Wednesday, September 22, at the legendary club Indra, Austrian Music Export invites international delegates to mix and mingle with members of the Austrian music business. Three live shows provide the perfect opportunity to get to know some of the most exciting newcomer artists from Austria. Performing live are soulful singer-songwriter OSKA, 25-year-old FLORENCE ARMAN, a British artist living in Vienna, and SHARKTANK, who position themselves somewhere between contemporary hip-hop and psychedelic pop. 

7:00 PM / OSKA
8:40 PM / Florence Arman
10:20 PM / Sharktank 



Welcome to Gothenburg and Westside Music Sweden! The independent platform, the collective of indie businesses, the cheerleaders of Gothenburg indie welcomes you to a fine showcase of talent from the most thriving part of Sweden, musically speaking.


7:30 pm: Lisa Wanloo
9 pm: Arvid Nero
10:30pm: TOMMA INTET 

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