Parties For Night Owls

The concert was intense, the workshop informative, the food exceptional and filling. For those who still want dive deeper into the nightlife of St. Pauli. About 20 parties will extend the Reeperbahn Festival programme till the early morning hours, providing even the most hedonistic party people with good music and revelry.

There is, for example, the 45/7 VINYL CLUB Special on 21 Sept. at Mojo Club. Resident Felox, Hans Nieswandt and Marc Hype will manoeuvre through the set which does not care about sounding out musical genres. Instead, the format and its dramaturgy will be celebrated to create a very special music feeling.

The Molotow has "Depri Disco" in the pipeline, a rather unconventional party on 22 Sept. Here you can indulge in melancholic classic hits and dance away all kinds of weltschmerz. Genre boundaries do not exist – from Bilderbuch to Bowie, from Drake to Del Rey, the DJs Wolfgang Depri will lump them all together.

This is also the case at the Grüne Jäger where the golden age of modern indie rock is celebrated with "Take me out". All gems from the Arctic Monkeys to White Stripes and far beyond will find their slot, making the event an audible feast for indie heads.

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