Piano Music as Adventure

A special highlight this year is the programme sequence which revolves around the genre Contemporary. In conjunction with the Elbphilharmonie Konzerten and NDR Kultur we will be showing you in the resonanzraum (Medienbunker Feldstraße) artists whose works border on modern classics and jazz. ► In the case of the Grandbrothers (photo), piano music sounds like an adventure: a framework of rods and belts is arranged tightly round the grand piano, on which cables, microphones and about twenty electro-mechanical hammers are attached. ► Listening to compositions by Martin Kohlstedts is like a journey through darkness, whereby you must rely more on the ears as the eyes. This trip opens up new worlds; important is complete concentration on the piano sounds. ► Under the influence of electronic artists and classical composers, the music of GoGo Penguin provides excursions between atonality and musical humour. 

Similarlarly music from the contemporary field will be provided an Friday and Saturday in the School Museum, an old building from the Wilhelminian imperial era. ► The Milan artist Federico Albanese devotes himself to the piano, combines it with string arrangements and electronic elements. ► One of the most interesting British composers is Michael Price who creates time and again new, surprising sound cosmos.  ► Tom Adams clear and unusual voice is being compared to Jeff Buckley or Radiohead’s Thom Yorke - who are not the worst role models.

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