Playgrounds of the Future

Not just talking, but acting. Because this motto is still rarely lived, we as a festival want to help shape the future both artistically and socially. At the FUTURE PLAYGROUND in the Festival Village (photo), we show intelligent, sustainable and, above all, creative solutions that specifically aim to reduce social grievances and improve the coexistence of all of us.

Ten containers on the Future Playground will put an end to the doomsday mood and instead set the tone for the future. They will become the stage for performances and presentations of innovative ideas with long-term vision, hosted by us and our various partners.

One example is the visionary Container Circular Futures Supermarket, which gives visitors the opportunity to experience a transparent recycling economy within the festival context: from waste avoidance, pollutant-free and plastic reduction to resource conservation and short supply chains. Seed confetti, edible crockery or tents made of upcycled cardboard - the CCFS reveals what is really possible.

One of the highlights will be the first summit "Music & Social Development Goals," organised by Reeperbahn Festival together with the UN and the consulting agency Sound Diplomacy. Representatives from politics, institutions and the music industry will discuss the importance of the music sector for the development of social justice worldwide and what it can contribute by 2030.

The Summit will take place on Friday, 20 September, from 10 am to 2 pm in the Future Dome of the Festival Village.

By the way: The entire Future Playground is powered exclusively by solar panels installed on site and therefore promotes an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and above all self-sufficient form of contemporary live event.

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