„Poems, thoughts and drinking Holes"

Loved by listeners, praised by critics, that’s how the stage became a home for the german band Isolation Berlin. The group’s singer and guitarist Tobias Bamborschke (photo) is now coming out with his book „Gedichte, Gedanken und Spelunken“ (poems, thoughts and drinking holes). His poetry, allows the readers and listeners to be truly swallowed up in the author’s ideas and thoughts about rage and dispair.
The protagonists in Hendrik Otrembas debut novel „Über uns der Schaum” are walking close to the edge. The author creates surreal scenarios where distinctions between dream and reality become blurred – a captivating dystopia that incorporates elements of science fiction and film noir. Otremba sets the scene and reads from his novel.
If it’s reality or nonsense- Tex Rubinowitz will clear this up face-to-face in september. The author is reading from his book which is replete with intimate confessions, crazy coincidences, reflections on the art world and its impostures and games. Oh, and there’s also a dead body in a wardrobe. 
When it comes to preservation methods like whiskey or botox, Diana Weis is taking a piercing look on it. In her pop lectures „ Pop formte diesen Körper: Alter, Exzess und Unsterblichkeit“ the lecturer in fashion theory and aesthetics explores what happens when the fast life isn’t dignified by the early death and life simply goes on. What courses of action and concepts of self are available to ageing rock musicians, rock’s grandpas and grandmas? It’s gonna be exciting!
When it comes to pop culture, the lecturer, journalist and author Roger Behrens has a word, too. In his Pop Lecture “This Is Tomorrow? Pop als Utopie einer besseren Welt” (Pop as Utopia of a Better World) he he explores the question what do pop utopias look like today, if we can’t even envision an end to current conditions.
When darkness falls, our expectations, desires, and dreams change. Michel Massmünster knows the night very well, because he’s a sociologist of the night. In the Millerntorwache, Massmünster will talk about how, during industrial urbanisation, the night, along with cultures of music and entertainment, developed as a utopian sanctuary for the modern age.
A multifaceted programe on the reading stages in Alte Liebe and the pop lectures in Millerntorwache is being served!

More information about the program here.

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