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If there is anything that can bring images to life, it is music. What would films be without it?
That’s why the Music Film Contest at the Reeperbahn Festival 2017 will give a stage to this kind of art. In cooperation with the UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival (Music Film Festival) Hamburg films about musicians, bands, their interpretations and their lives will be screened.

24 films will compete in the race when, on Tuesday, 19 September, the film projector will start running at the Hamburg Metropolis cinema.
One of the competing films will be „Conny Plank – The Potential of Noise“. In search of the character and the producer Conny Plank, his son and the director Reto Caduff embark on a journey through music history and paint an intimate portrait of the great music pioneer who died at the young age of 47. The documentary “Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World” combines concert recordings, archival footage, and interviews and captivates the impact artists with indigenous roots had on rock, blues, folk, jazz, and pop.

Iggy Pop and Michel Houellebecq in one film! „To Stay Alive – A Method“ is about the torments of being an artist, the role of the poet in society and about mental illness. Yet Erik Lieshout managed to make this a feel-good movie about suffering. Music triggers and sometimes fulfills yearnings. „Calexico Next Exit“ explores the yearnings and stories of its varied protagonists against the unifying backdrop of the music of their all-time favourite band: Calexico. An experimental road movie with lots of music and loads of Super 8 images.
In 2012, Iranian singer Shahin Najafi released the satirical rap song “Naghi”. The track is about political repression, economic sanctions, and social powerlessness. The documentary “Wenn Gott schläft” (When God Sleeps) tells of Najafi’s life of uncertainty and omnipresent threat and stimulates the viewer to think.
Only last year the UNERHÖRT! music film festival celebrated its 10th anniversary– by linking itself to the Reeperbahn Festival it will stay focused on the future.

More about the film program here.

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