In the past, too many people looked away when political disruptions challenged our understanding of democratic values. At the Reeperbahn Festival, we have created the platform “pop'n'politics”, a new place for discourses between pop culture and politics that is intended to act as a debate booster with international reach.

In this format, we will gather representatives from society and the music industry, trigger new ideas and sensitise awareness for social developments. The Reeperbahn Festival, with its rich density of organisers and artists, offers a special chance to serve as the initiator of political discussion.

For example, the Petrol Girls (photo) will present their sophisticated as well as subversive hardcore sound, and the documentary “MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A.” traces the activities of the pop revolutionary M.I.A. in media and politics. No matter whether concert, arts, film, education, word or conference – this year all programme categories will offer political formats.

The platform pop'n'politics is supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. 

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