Poster Rock, International MusicMotorCycleClub, Independent Label Market, and Glitch Robot

Posters, vinyl records, crazy City Shuttles, and lots, lots more. Here are the first confirmations in the Visual Arts, Show, and Playground categories.

Rock‘n’roll acts without posters – that would be like circuses without clowns. In a tent city on Spielbudenplatz, poster artists from around the world will exhibit their silkscreens during the Flatstock Europe Poster Convention – a marriage of image and sound.

Electronic music is the soundtrack of modern life. Its trademark is its infallibility, so we think. The performance Sonic Robots introduces an opposing view, showcasing sound robots made of dismembered machine parts, such as hard disks and relays.

The vinyl record is the dinosaur among music media. If this is true, then record shops are ancient zoos, the Jurassic Parks of nostalgia, so to speak. The Independent Label Market is a mobile zoo, the ark of good taste, the place where dozens of influential labels have converged. This ark will drop anchor in Hamburg during the Reeperbahn Festival – more precisely, at Affenfaust Galerie.

Over its three-decade-long career Pearl Jam has commissioned gig posters from a variety of famous artists. “…the poster printed will remind me!” will feature a selection of gig posters by, among others, Frank Kozik, the Ames Brothers, Jeff Soto, and Chuck Sperry.

The International MUSICMOTORCYCLECLUB is a gang with a zest for life, founded by the established yet nonconformist artist Tintin Patrone. Part of this art-action will involve the creation of a new mother ship, inspired by life and Indian temple cars. The MUSICMOTORCYLECLUB is coming to the Reeperbahn Festival in partnership with MS Artville.

Poster Rock” is the title of an exhibition that will be at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MKG) during the Reeperbahn Festival. All festivalgoers with a wristband will enjoy free admission to the exhibition during the festival.

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