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61 new acts for the line-up.

Because of the complexity of the songs the band To Kill A King has been compared to Grizzly Bear, The National or Frightened Rabbit. They feature acoustic songs in their program as well as songs dominated by an electric guitar or even songs with arranged brass and synthesizers. Hovering all over are Pelleymounter’s unique vocals.
While Lydmor has also teamed up with other artists and bands, such as Germany’s Alle Farben and Belgium’s Arsenal, her activities as a solo artist have remained her highest priority. Last year the electro artist spent some time in Shanghai. It’ll be fascinating to hear what influences have made their way into her new music.
In the beats of producer Nugat, the hip hop vibe of the 1990ies is still alive – about that time when Nugat saw the light of day. With his second release „18“ (The Sexy Kids Revolution) he fully developed into an all-rounder who molds timeless hits out of laid-back samples and emotional synthie-melodies.
Damian Lynn simply takes his guitar and sings his songs with a humble, expressive voice. It’s a trip into the ups and downs of life. His catchy tunes earned him 3 million streams on Spotify and more than a million viewers on YouTube. And they are never wrong.
The French music project Agar Agar stands for tasty, sensuous electro pop. Clara’s wonderfully dark voice fits perfectly to titles like “Prettiest Virgin”. The song is about the feeling when you are alone on a party while everyone else is having fun. And it is not the only song that was a hit. Agar Agar’s heavy beats and melancholic lyrics are best enjoyed live.
Che Lingo unites the energy of Grimes, the musicality of jazz and the laid-back attitude of nineties’ hip hop. In his songs he observes himself as well as society around him.
REIN states about her sound: „DIY Kick Ass Electronic“. That’s damn right. She is enriching her gothic style with reminiscences from punk and hip hop, creating an electronic power sound with her own productions which talks a distinct talk.

Here you can find all so far confirmed acts. Listen to our Deezer-Playlist here.

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