Rebellion, Rave and Frenzy

This year also there will be a literature programme with excellent authors and literarily wanderings through the popculture cosmos. Nothing of that should be missing in your festival timetable:

The graduate evolution biologist and behavioural scientist Max Wolf will present his novel “Glücksreaktor“, (“Bliss reactor”) taking his readers and listeners along on a journey to the summer of 1994 when electronic music and rave culture arrived in rural Franconia. Rebellion, rave and ecstasy! 

“Hatten wir nicht mal Sex in den 80ern?“ (“Didn’t we have sex in the 80s?”) by Timo Blunck is also excessive, but set a decade earlier. Timo Blunck and his band Palais Schaumburg, who gave a certain distinction to the Neue Deutsche Welle, shares his experience in those wild times with his readers. Up to now, his performances have been happenings in a blend of reading and concert – and there is no reason why this should change at the Reeperbahn Festival. 
The magazine Missy Magazin (photo) has been one of Germany’s major voices for pop, politics and feminism for ten years. An anniversary that calls for a celebration! A very special celebration, at that: editor-in-chief Sonja Eismann, art director Daniela Burger and the two editors Valerie-Siba Rousparast and Hengameh Yaghoobifarah will read the best and most absurd readers‘ letters, looking back in a most amusing way to a decade of feminist journalism in picture and sound. Since the Fanta Vier hit “Die da!?!“, we have been aware that so-called double dates are not totally unusual. Together with the authors Dirk Bernemann and Jan Off, Love A-singer Jörkk Mechenbier wrote the novel “Klara“: Klara is an extremely winning personality whose very intense and demanding presence leaves a permanent impression in one’s thoughts and hearts. Each of the three authors has had a Klara in his life – could it even be the same? 
A literary circle in the middle of St. Pauli? There is one! Normally, Daniel Vollstedt and Tobias Soffner organise their “Books de Hoode“ literary evenings at Brachmann’s Galeron. For the Reeperbahn Festival edition they do not have to make new arrangements but move a few houses down the road. Together with ex-VIVA host Nilz Bokelberg they will discuss their favourite books. 
Millerntorwache is again a part of the Reeperbahn Festival literary programme: In the course of the Pop Lectures, Martin Seeliger, sociologist at the European University of Flensburg, will invite guests to attend a highly topical debate on “Pop als Kulturkampf – Gangstarap und Identitätsrock als Ausdruck sozialer Konflikte im Neoliberalismus" (“Pop as culture war – gangsta rap and identity rock as an expression of social conflicts in neo liberalism”).  

Also confirmed: Anna Groß: “Pop und Ausschluss – wer darf (mit)spielen?“ (“Pop and exclusion – who gets to play?”), Bodo Mrozek: “Gegen ‚Plünnenheinis und Vogelscheuchen‘ Jazz- und Beat-Konflikte zwischen Elbe und St. Pauli in den Sixties“ (“Against ‘Plünnenheinis and scarecrows’ jazz and beat conflicts between Elbe and St. Pauli in the sixties”), Stefanie Hempel's Beatles TourRay's Reeperbahn RevueNDR Blue Backstage.

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