A study on gender distribution in the music industry

With a comprehensive market research study as part of the Keychange initiative, Reeperbahn Festival is investigating gender distribution in all segments of German music culture and the music industry. The significance of gender equality in the usage of music services from a consumer's point of view will also be examined for the first time. The results will be presented at Reeperbahn Festival in September 2021.

The study will be carried out by the renowned market research institute KANTAR and made possible by the support of the Minister for Culture, Prof. Monika Grütters:

“With equal opportunities for women, we not only achieve fairness and equality, but also new perspectives, opportunities, and a more diverse cultural and media landscape. Unfortunately, many areas of the cultural and creative scene still have a long way to go towards the fulfillment of gender equality. Women are often paid less than men and are underrepresented in leadership positions. The federal government therefore supports projects and initiatives to improve gender equality in culture and the media. Among them is the study conducted by the Keychange initiative, which will examine all areas of the music industry. From this, we hope to gain new insights into how we can further advance equal opportunities for women in this sector as well."

Factors such as gender-specific differences in employment conditions, salary distribution and career opportunities within companies in the music industry will be investigated. In addition, insights will be gained into the influences of gender diversity on consumer purchasing decisions and user behaviour.

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