Reeperbahn Festival signs “Hamburger Erklärung der Vielen”

As part of a nationwide campaign, initiated by the association DIE VIELEN e.V., the Hamburg culture scene is sending a clear socio-political signal by signing the “Hamburger Erklärung der Vielen” (Hamburg Declaration of the Many; follow the link to find the full declaration, which is just available in German for the moment): IN FAVOUR OF solidarity in art and culture as essential part of civil society and AGAINST right-wing populist and nationalist trends attempting to exert influence on artistic contents.

Reeperbahn Festival and its numerous activities abroad stand for the dialogue between nationalities and different cultural groups. The connections resulting from this clearly show how important independent cultural work is in an international context, regardless of the political orientation of the country in question. Every political attempt to influence culture, the cultural and media sectors leads to the decimation of cultural wealth, weakens the basic democratic order and is therefore unacceptable. It is for this very reason that Reeperbahn Festival considers the initiative “Hamburg Declaration of the Many” as an important movement that is necessary in these times.  

Follow the link, to find a list of Hamburg signatories .

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