Spotify Trendsetter Club (HÄKKEN)

Together with Spotify, the Reeperbahn Festival will celebrate the newcomers! At the Spotify trendsetter club (HÄKKEN) three to four bands will be on the stage every night from Wednesday to Saturday. ► Robb does consider itself as purely a soul band: "We combine indie with pop and soul." (23 Sept., 10:40 p.m.) ► Dornik is the torch bearer of 1980s funk, disco pop and NuSoul (24 Sept., 9:30 p.m.) ► The Beach is a troubadour in the sense of Buckley, a huge compliment for a new talent. (25 Sept., 9:20 p.m.) ► The wonderful song "Bitter" by the London rock quartet Palace could be played after a hit by Duran Duran or The Police. (26 Sept., 9:20 p.m.) ► Also taking part: Anderson East, Aquilo, Elias, Georgia, HONNE, Kenay, Kid Astray, Nisse, Oscar Key SungTüsn, Weval (live)
And if you have missed one or the other favourite act, you can look forward to exclusive recordings on Spotify!

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