Spotlight On Music Journalism: Shortlists

The juries for the International Music Journalism Award 2018 have met and read, listened, and watched their way through roughly 200 German, English, and French submissions. We won’t be announcing the winners until the beginning of September, but today we want to present the German, English and French shortlists for the categories “Year's Best Work of Journalism 2018” (text, audio, multimedia, under 30) and “Music Journalist of the Year 2018”.

So here’s our big request and sincere recommendation: look through the shortlists and click through the links. You’ll find the crème de la crème of music journalism produced over the last twelve months. Really great contributions – truly worth a read, listen, and look – from really great contributors, including Sylvia Prahl, Liz Pelly, Valerie Lehoux, Jason Bentley, and Estell Caswell.
We’ll be presenting the awards on Friday afternoon, 21 September, at Reeperbahn Festival. So: save the date!

Before the awards ceremony we’ll discuss and debate the state of music journalism and talk about whether its new journalistic forms can lift it out of its crisis. 

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