The effect of music has always gone beyond the sound played and is closely linked to other art forms. Cover artwork, stage show, poster and video are inextricably linked to the listening experience and, at best, create parallel universes that are sometimes magical. This combination is the starting point for the brand new Reeperbahn Festival own format Collide.  

Collide are curated encounters between selected musicians, bands and visual artists, whose visual creations, individually tailored to the music and act, run on a panorama LED wall to three songs each. The immediacy of live visuals, music and live performance creates unique moments whose overall experience goes far beyond the sum of the individual parts. The award-winning creative agency headed by Creative Director Timo Kreitz, whose works can be seen in museums and in Berghain, is responsible for the first three episodes. 

The premiere on September 9th will be played by the sound researcher collective ARCHIVE (GBR) around songwriter Darius Keeler, who tirelessly explore the border areas between electro, avant-garde, post- and prog-rock. This is followed by the acts Nation of Language (USA), EKKSTACY (CAN), The Düsseldorf Düsterboys (DE), YĪN YĪN (NL), Roller Derby (DE), Ebow (DE), BEACHPEOPLE (DE), Glauque (BE) and the visual artists Pali and Benita Martis. 

REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL COLLIDE from 9 September on YouTube, Spotify & Co! 

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