Thank you for a great Reeperbahn Festival 2018!

After four dazzling days, which were quite gusty at times, the 13th edition of the Reeperbahn Festival has come to an end – huge THANKS to all festival and conference guests, also for your spontaneous choice of concerts and your flexibility. The ANCHOR goes to two acts this year: Tamino and Faces on TV – congratulations! We were pleased to welcome over 45,000 guests on four days, 5,500 of them were delegates from 56 nations! Our highlights in word, image and video will give you the chance to pass the festival in review!  

The Keychange Day on Thursday was completely dedicated to the topic of gender equality in the music business. Three concert productions, specially created for the Reeperbahn Festival by Get Well Soon, David August and Bear’s Den, received standing ovations. 

Reeperbahn Festival 2019 will take place from 18 to 21September with focusing Australia as a country partner! Early-bird tickets for the festival and the conference are available now.

We want to hear from you: Did you have a good time? Tell us here from your Reeperbahn Festival adventures and get some awesome prizes.

All winners and awards of the Reeperbahn Festival 2018 at a glance:

Keychange Inspiration AwardBernadette La Hengst

Der Helga!® Festival Award:

► Best festival for older people: A Summer's Tale

► Most graceful camping area: MS Dockville

► Event personality: Till Krägeloh / Watt En Schlick

► Finest booking: MS Dockville

► Best conscience: Fusion

► Best festival: Wacken Open Air

VIA! VUT Indie Awards: 

► Best newcomer: Noga Erez

► Best label: staatsakt

► Best act: Kat Frankie

► Best album: Trettmann - #DIY

► Best experiment: Wildes Herz

► VIA! Indieaxt: Helga Trüpel, MdEP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Reeperbahn Festival International Music Journalism Award:

► Best Business Music Journalist of the Year (international): Cherie Hu (Forbes/ Billboard, US) 

► Best Music Journalist of the Year (German): Klaus Walter / ByteFm, TAZ, diverse

► Best Music Journalist of the Year (English): Mary Anne Hobbs / BBC

► Best Music Journalist of the Year (French): Belkacem Bahlouli / Rolling Stone, France

► Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Text (German): Uri Steinburg / "Kollegahs and Farid Bangs ‚JBG3’ wird hart gefeiert, ist aber vor allem problematisch" (com)

► Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Text (English): Liz Pelly / "The Problem With Muzak: Spotify’s Bid To Remodel An Industry" (The Baffler)

► Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Text (French): Julien Jaubert / La Santé Mentale: Succès Dans Le Rap Américain... (Yard Media)

► Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Audio (German): Visa Vie / "Clarify" (Detektor.FM)

► Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Audio (English): Damon Krukowski / "Ways Of Hearing" (Showcase Radiotopia)

► Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Multimedia (German): Viola Funk / "Die dunkle Seite des deutschen Rap" (WDR)

► Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Multimedia (English): Estelle Caswell / "Earworm" (com)

► Best Work of Music Journalism below 30 years of age (German): Salwa Houmsi / "Frauen im Pop – Wo ist die Gleichberechtigung?" (Jäger&Sammler/Funk); Thomas Kiebl / ’Warum ich ungerne Interviews gebe? Wegen euch!’ – Taktloss Interview (The Message); Julia Lorenz / "Drangsal vs. Die Nerven" (Musikexpress, edition 5/2018)

 International Sound Awards (ISA)

► GRAND PRIX: Audio Newspaper Experience / Fachhochschule Dortmund, DE

► Renault R.S. Enters the Zone / Sixième Son, FR

► Audio Branding Sigikid Toys / Electric Pulse, DE

► Hear the Taste / UltraNordic, Mirum, FE

► Kyrö Tasting Experience / Audiodraft, FE

► Mood Stockholm Sound Design / Lexter, SE

► Hyundai Olympic Pavilion Sound / why do birds, DE


► Cargonexx, DE

► Publikumslieblinge: COLDPLASMATECH, DE

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