That was Reeperbahn Festival 2021

The 16th Reeperbahn Festival brought us four eventful days and we say thank you! Thank you for being part of the Reeperbahn Festival 2021, for being so flexible and understanding and for celebrating the return of live music to the stages within the pandemic limits! If you want to relive the memories, you now have the chance to do so with our after movie. You can also still experience many programmes on our streaming platform:

Around 25,000 visitors were part of Reeperbahn Festival 2021, enthusiastically experiencing 285 live shows by 250 acts from 27 countries as well as 86 programme items from the fields of arts, film and word over four days in 35 venues. The digital programme, which is publicly accessible via the new streaming platform and ARTE Concert, had 350,000 views during the festival week.  

After the purely digital programme of last year, the conference programme was again held as a on-site event with around 2,000 professional visitors taking part, who could choose from 100 sessions, 20 networking events, 30 showcases and 4 award ceremonies.   


The ANCHOR 2021 winners are the post-punk band Yard Act (GBR).  

"They just blew us away" is how Tony Visconti explained the ANCHOR jury's decision to choose the British post-punk band Yard Act as ANCHOR 2021 winners. We say: Congratulations!  

The jury of the international music award was again fully present on-site this year and included singer Emeli Sandé (GBR), songwriter Tayla Parx (USA), singer and actress Yvonne Catterfeld (DEU), songwriters Tom Odell (GBR) and Jacob Banks (GBR) and music producer Tony Visconti (USA), who attended the concerts of nominees May The Muse (DEU), Florence Arman (GBR/AUT), Lie Ning (DEU), OSKA (AUT), PVA (GBR) and Yard Act (GBR) at the Nochtspeicher on Thursday and Friday.  


Keychange study on gender balance in the music industry  

For music companies, it will be rewarding in the middle term to bring a gender balance into music products such as playlists, music programmes and festival programmes. Especially for younger customers, the issue of gender balance plays an increasingly important role in their buying decisions. This is the finding of the study on gender balance in music business enterprises and on the expectations of users in Germany, which was presented at the press conference of the Keychange initiative.   


Visitor survey  

We are looking forward to your feedback on this year's edition.  Find our survey HERE. 


Reeperbahn Festival 2022: Pre-sale started  

2022 we bring the USA to Hamburg! We are very happy to announce that the USA will be the partner country of Reeperbahn Festival for the first time in 2022. Grab your tickets for the festival here and for the conference here and let's go!   

See you at the Reeperbahn Festival 2022 (21-24 Sept. 2022)!  

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