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Unexpectedly discover something different, let yourself be carried away by a thematically diverse programme and explore new ideas – the Arts Playground at the end of September will provide a more relaxed experience than anywhere else.

In the heart of St. Pauli, an artists' village built using former sea freight containers opens its doors and for four days transforms the Heiligengeistfeld into a playground of music, painting, dance, film and everything in between.

The thematic focus of the Arts Programme 2019: The city and its spaces. Which impulses make an urban environment more liveable? How can art be used to implement them?

The dynamics of public space in the 21st century with all its facets and boundaries is the subject of exhibitions and 3D collages, images and moving images, interactive interventions and installations that can be experienced all over the field.

A brief overview of two of the highlights: Somewhere amidst the tumult, Heinz Strunk (photo) won’t be presenting a new book, but photos. By him. The scribe of social disfunction shines not only as an author, musician and defender of the downtrodden, but also as an erotic model. But don't worry, nothing too graphic. Soft eroticism is the order of the exhibition, tastefully orchestrated by the brilliant photographer Dennis Dirksen.

The VR installation A Symphony Of Noise – inspired by Matthew Herbert, which combines aural and visual elements, celebrates its world premiere. Sound design of the highest level merges with a vivid simulation of reality in 4D, which ultimately pursues one goal: total immersion and interaction. This programme item is sponsored by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

Also in the programme:

Hip-Hop from Hamburg out into the world #BACKSPIN25 | 1010 | Stefanie Schmid Rincon - On The Go| Michel Lamoller | Alchemist's Valley - The Wilderness Of The Ink Jungle | A Symphony Of Noise | Destination Art - Gallery Hopping in Neustadt | Eine Stadt wird Bunt. Hamburg Graffiti History | Erotic Art Museum - The Sound Of Burlesque |  Florian Egermann - Failed Artists International | Marina Zumi | Open Show


What else is there to experience in Hamburg?

Of course we also build bridges to city life in Hamburg and mould the connections with events in galleries, museums and a travel agency. In line with the motto: Art knows no borders, only transitions.

Also clearly visible with the double masturbator sculpture. Excuse me? Yes, it's part of Peaches' first exhibition "Whose Jizz is this?", as part of the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel and in collaboration with Kunstverein in Hamburg as part of her 20th stage anniversary. With cinematic, photographic, textual and sculptural works, she paints a detailed picture of the diverse work of the queer feminist Electroclash pioneer – somewhere between visual art, historical retrospection and an interactive rock show. Well, and also the double masturbator sculpture. Festival visitors receive free admission and exclusive guided tours from the curator team.

The songwriting session "Palms & Circumstances" is also interactive. The video artists Schall & Schnabel, the communications agency Superunknown and the creators of the music blog Nothing But Hope And Passion have an invitation for free-flowing improvisation. Artists will be sat in front of keyboards without preparation, given musical themes pulled from the lottery drum or suggested by the audience. In the unsual space of a travel agency, inspiration and improvisation ensure that no session is like any other.

Diverse like the programme of the Knotenpunkt festival. The name says it all: curated by the Hamburg Affenfaust Gallery, interactive actions, temporary installations, performances and on-site mural paintings are presented. A large group exhibition of urban art by over 40 international artists will complete the festival, which has attracted more than 18,000 visitors in Germany, Austria and Israel over the past six years. In 2019 it will finally take place again in Hamburg.

In addition to Eike König, founder of the Berlin design studio Hort, and the Canadian Laurence Vallières, known for her gigantic paper sculptures, the following artists will also take part:

Cain Caser (UK) | Nychos (AUT) | Shepard Fairey (USA)| Miss Me | Stefan Winterle | Andrea Wan | Flying Förtress | Annette Meincke-Nagy | Julia Benz


Back again: Flatstock Europe Poster Convention

Normally only a part of the major North American festivals, we bring the exhibition of grandiose poster art exclusively to Hamburg for the 14th time.

Europe's most extensive Gigposter Convention is a traditional part of the Reeperbahn Festival and this year again shows lavishly designed screen prints in limited editions and special memorabilia by around 30 national and international artists.


Antighost (DE) | Boss Construct (USA) | Crosshair (USA) | Douze (DE) | Grace Helly (DE) | Lil Tuffy (USA) | Mercardorama (MEX) | Monostereo (ESP) | Rainbow (DE) | Spiegelsaal (DE) | Toucan Tango (UK) | Zum Heimathafen (DE) and much more.

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