The highlights on Friday

Let's all have a good one on day three! Maybe some of these events can contribute to that.

For festival guests:

Introducing Music and the SDGs, 10:00-10:55 am, Festival Village / Future Dome

► To start our mini SDG Music Conference at Reeperbahn, we must first understand what the SDGs are, and how they can apply to the music industry.  To open up that discussion, we have assembled expertise from the United Nations, the political spectrum and industry to introduce the SDGs and tell us how the music industry can help implementing them for a better world.

Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl, 03:00-04:45 pm, East Hotel / Cinema

► "Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl" is an intimate portrait made up of video diaries and rehearsal room recordings by the British singer songwriter Kate Nash. The documentary shows her long journey towards a creative and financially independent artist. Q&A with Kate Nash before the screening

Creating Woodstock (illustration), 06:15-08:30 pm, East Hotel / Cinema

► Q&A with Woodstock co-creator Joel Rosenman, director Mick Richard and producer Eric Morris after the screening, moderated by Dirk Schneider from Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Joey Bargeld, 10:30-11:10 pm, Moondoo

► Some consider him a German DMX, others hail him as the country's hottest trap export. Maybe there's truth to both.

MANTAR, 10:30-11:40 pm, Große Freiheit 36

► Even with three guitarists, other bands fail to offer anything as infernal and groove-heavy as Mantar. Sludge and stoner metal collide unchecked with black metal and crust punk; a juggernaut beats the rhythm while a demon shouts and growls.

Sam Vance-Law, 11:15 pm-12:10 am, Knust

► He plays violin and mandolin, writes up-tempo pop songs with an elegant, chamber-music charm, and he's one of the artists currently giving the LGBTQ community an expressive voice.

Tshegue, 11:20 pm-12:30 am, Mojo Club

► The Tshegue sound unleashes pulsating vibes between party and ritual, between sweat-drenched ecstasy and an exuberance bordering on the erotic.

For delegates:

Showcase Unplugged - Friday Edition, 06:00-07:00 pm, Arcotel Onyx / Board Room

► Alexandria Maillot (06:00 pm) will be playing.

Film. Streaming. Platforms., 12:40-01:30 pm, East Hotel / Cinema

► The phenomenon of streaming can do more, has more facets and offers the film world more perspectives than the "Netflix model". We discuss this with representatives of different streaming platform models: YouTube, MUBI and the blockchain-based platform Cinezen.

Film Meets Music, 02:30-03:30 pm, East Hotel / Foyer (Ground Floor)

► For the first time this year the Reeperbahn Festival Conference offers events dealing with the future of the film business.

Renzo Vitale: How Does the Future Sound Like?, 04:30-05:30 pm, Festival Village / Future Dome

► How can we conceive sounds for our future? This talk will present a few ideas about possible ways to face the challenge of composing new sounds and music for modernity and mobility of the future.


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