The highlights on Saturday

Enjoy the final festival day! If you have not decided yet which events to attend – here are some ideas:

For festival guests:

Wie politisch sind Kulturschaffende?, 10:30-11:30 am, Festival Village / Future Dome

► How political are we as artists and cultural workers? What contribution do we make to the preservation of democracy? What spheres of action can be developed? How are they used?

Steps Ahead!, 03:00-04:00 pm, Schmidt Theater

► Listening to your own song on the radio, talking directly to a "decision maker" of a big label, discovering the next hit for an advertisement - these are the dreams of every aspiring musician. With "Steps Ahead" these dreams can quickly become reality.

Tamikrest (photo), 09:35-10:45 pm, Knust

► Dusty electric guitars define this desert rock, accented with bass, djembe, and various percussion instruments, and accompanied by call-and-response vocals. When Tamikrest play live, one can virtually feel the desert sands of Mali under your feet.

Sebadoh, 10:10-11:15 pm, Uebel & Gefährlich

► With the radical DIY ethos of 1989's The Freed Man, the lo-fi pioneers went against the grain and didn't find too many eager listeners to begin with, though the album came to be considered a cult classic in the nineties.

Ebow, 10:45-11:20 pm, Moondoo

► Under her pseudonym Ebow, the Master's graduate in architecture creates clever, biting hip hop with brute-force production value that the male-dominated genre would do well to pay attention to.

Aurora, 11:10 pm-12:20 am, St. Michaelis Kirche

► In her larger-than-life productions, the angelic vocals of the 23-year-old meld with ambient, folk, and iridescent synthesizer experiments to form an epic tale about humans, the Earth, and our future.

Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum, 06:00-07:00 pm, Nochtspeicher

► In “Eure Heimat Ist Unser Albtraum” (Your Homeland is our Nightmare), Fatma Aydemir and Hengameh Yaghoobifarah have brought together personal essays by a variety of authors, including Margarete Stokowski, Max Czollek, and Sasha Marianna Salzmann – essays that offer insights into what it is like to experience racism on a daily basis and that also hold up a mirror to Germany.

Machiavelli - Der Podcast über Rap und Politik, 06:00-07:30 pm, Imperial Theater

► From Advanced Chemistry to Kendrick Lamar. From N.W.A. to K.I.Z. Inside Germany, outside Germany, doesn’t matter: rap loves politics, and politics loves rap – sometimes overtly in every line, sometimes covertly between the rhymes. In their podcast “Machiavelli,” journalists Vassili Golod and Jan Kawelke talk and argue about this rap-politics love story.

For delegates:

Canada House - Day Three, 12:00 am-05:00 pm, Kukuun

► Networking and showcase. Leela Gilday (12:30 pm), Shauit (01:30 pm), Joey Stylez (02:30 pm), Celeigh Cardinal (03:30 pm), and Midnight Shine (04:30 pm) will be playing.

Meeting the Next Generation, 06:00-07:00 pm, Festival Village / Future Dome

► In a short, concluding discussion round, we want to discuss how the industry must develop and possibly change in order to meet the expectations of a succeeding generation. To this end, we invite (self)critical industry representatives* to the stage and all visitors* for questions and input.

Das hätten Sie aber wissen müssen!, 11:30 am-02:00 pm, Arcotel Onyx / Board Room

► In German, lawyer and industry expert Prof. Jens Michow will inform tour operators, managers and artist agents based in Germany and abroad about the structures of the German event business and the legal pitfalls of tours and concerts in Germany.

The Sound of Influencers, 03:00-04:00 pm, Festival Village / Future Dome

► Brix Buchmann, who has brought together Scooter and Falko Punch, Germany's most wide-ranging TikToker, among others, tells us about the creative potential that TikTok can unleash.

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